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Linkly helps you make online shopping even easier. You'll spend less time creating accounts and organizing your finances. Take a look at what benefits Linkly can have for you.

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One account for everything

New Webshop, New Account? That is now a thing of the past! With Linkly, you no longer create separate accounts for webshops. Use your Linkly-Account for your online purchases. Address information is stored in your Linkly-Account and is automatically filled in at checkout!

Overview of received invoices
Everything in one place

Financial overview for you

With Linkly, you not only have an account that allows you to log into web shops, but you also get a clear overview of all your orders and invoices in one central place.

This makes it easier for you to keep track of what you ordered and how much you spent. Moreover, this overview helps you to quickly find a specific webshop, since you can see where you ordered and what you purchased from which webshop.

One address book

All addresses in one place

Linkly also offers a handy address book, where you store multiple addresses, such as your home and work addresses.

For example, Linkly makes it easy to link another address to a webshop, without having to do this for each shop separately. This ensures a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, which increases your shopping pleasure.

If you change your address information in Linkly, for example, after moving house, this is automatically passed on to the web shops on your next visit.