Online purchases easy and insightful

With a Linkly account, you can log into web shops with one click and automatically get a clear view of your online orders and invoices.

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Without Linkly

  • A new account for each webshop
  • Less oversight in your online purchases
  • Change your address at every shop, when you move
  • Collect invoices manually to keep your records

With Linkly

  • Login to all affiliated web shops with one account
  • All your online purchases and invoices are automatically imported
  • All your online purchases conveniently on one platform
  • One address book for all affiliated web shops
  • Understanding unpaid invoices or bills

What does Linkly do?

When you use Linkly, you get an overview of all your online purchases. Linkly does this by automatically importing the orders and invoices. All your invoices are in one overview. You can easily see unpaid invoices or bills.

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