Hello Webshop!

Discover how Linkly can support your web store and customers in making purchases. Read through the main functionalities of the Linkly platform and be convinced!

Reach more customers

Convenience & Reach

With Linkly, new customers can create an account with your webshop at the click of a button thanks to our Single Sign-On (SSO) service.

Many potential buyers drop out when creating an account with a new online store. They prefer convenience and trust with one of the larger competitors. Unlike well-known SSO services such as Google and Microsoft, the Linkly SSO also provides a user's billing and delivery addresses. This means that your customers do not have to register for each webshop separately and enter their address information over and over again.

The customer data is simply stored with you as the webshop, and we make the process faster and easier for the customer! With this approach, you lower the threshold for new customers and increase the chance of more sales.

One address book

Address management for your customers

Linkly goes beyond simplifying the registration process. When customers change their address details with us, for example after moving, the changes are automatically passed on to your webshop the next time the customer visits your webshop.

In addition, Linkly offers a central address book, in which customers can store multiple addresses, such as a home address and a work address. This allows customers to easily link a different address to a webshop via Linkly, without having to update their data at each webshop separately. This contributes to a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, boosting your willingness to buy and increasing customer satisfaction.

More overview

Clear order history

With Linkly, not only can your customers easily create an account and manage their address information, but they also get a clear overview of all their orders and invoices in one central place.

This makes it easier for them to keep track of what they have ordered and how much they have spent. Moreover, this overview helps customers to quickly find a specific webshop, as they can see where they ordered and what they purchased from which webshop. This added convenience provides an even better shopping experience and can help increase your customers' loyalty.

Free promotion

Show your shop to all Linkly users

Take advantage of free promotion for your shop by participating in our pilot phase. As a participant, your shop will be promoted free of charge within the Linkly platform to all our users.

This helps you reach a wider audience and significantly increase your online visibility. When users log on to Linkly, they will see an overview of all participating web shops. Your webshop thus becomes easily findable, which significantly increases the chance of new customers and a larger reach.


Join a trusted webshop community

By joining Linkly, you commit yourself to the Linkly Certificate. This certificate gives you access to a community of reliable and honest web shops.

As long as you are part of this community, you may display the Linkly certification on your website. This certificate helps customers in their decision making and convinces them to choose your shop, thanks to the guarantee of security and reliability it offers.